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원자력 발전소
콜드이 mountians


We believe that our robots extend human capabilities.
Robots can access underwater, radioactive, and confined spaces.

Let’s learn about the various missions that can be performed with robots.

Inspection & Maintenance 

Robots are used to provide remote accessibility and perform various tasks.
This is a solution that is being applied preferentially in nuclear power plants.



We perform robotic pipe inspection at nuclear power plants. Internal inspection of pipes is performed by robots and their integrity is safely verified. In addition, various custom manufacturing and services are available.



A robot that can implement any posture or movement underwater
Developed for nuclear power plants. There will no longer be a need for people to do dangerous work in the water. We revolutionize underwater operations.



A quadrupedal robot developed for nuclear power plants.
We are currently carrying out various missions to decommission the Gori 1 power plant. More work is possible without radiation exposure.

Contact Us

주소 경기도 안양시 동안구 엘에스로116번길 25-32 409호

+82 10 4707 0311

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