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We are developing and supplying various robots needed for Korean nuclear power plants.
In particular, our robots are manufactured with a high degree of technological independence.
We manufacture robots to suit the various form factors and specifications desired by our customers.
We make tasks that are difficult for humans to do through robots.
Provides remote accessibility and enables remote work.

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Kalman Co., Ltd., established in 2020, was founded by CEO Kim Jun-ho and co-founders.

Establishment of a corporate research center, factory registration, venture business certification, selection as a military service special designation company

2023 SEED investment was attracted from POSCO Technology Investment, The Invention Lab, Heungkuk Securities & Shinhan Capital, and Kwangwoon University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation.

Discovered the cause of the 2023 Hanul Nuclear Power Plant shutdown problem and played a key role in inspecting the entire section.

We are currently supplying and servicing robots to nuclear power plants.


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+82 10 4707 0311

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