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Founded in 2020, KALMAN is a Korea-based robotic solution company. KALMAN’s vision is to create hardy, highly reliable, and fully automated robots to handle dangerous, dirty, and repetitive tasks that humans need to perform.

KALMAN aims to drive the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more sustainable, productive, and safe future. Our mission starts with automating industrial inspection in the energy industry. Our core clients include nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, and hydro power plants, where human technicians are exposed to dangerous working environment, such as radiation and underwater operations.

KALMAN has in-house R&D and technology expertise on robotic arms, 4-legged self-walking robots, AI software integration, and digital twins to create autonomous inspection robots in extreme environment.

We aim to further expand our robotic solution services to a wider range of industries including defense, security, and construction.

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KALMAN is committed to providing a fully integrated, customized robotic solution for every customer.



KALMAN aims to revolutionize the hazardous working environment in energy power plants to be safer. Our mission starts with nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants are high value-added facilities that require regular inspection with highest degree of accuracy. We create fully-automated inspection robots that can perform complex patrol and inspection tasks under the extreme environments, such as radiation, explosion and underwater. Our robots are essential for safer inspection and maintenance of nuclear facilities.

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KALMAN creates a RaaS (Robot as a Service) solution to replace static cameras and sensors in the defense and security industry. Our patrol robots are autonomous, dynamic, and reactive to external variables. Our robot is a real-time data collecting and analyzing patrol vehicle that can provide cost-effective and scalable solution for security monitoring at military bases and industrial facilities. 

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Construction sites are dynamic and often dangerous environments with unique challenges, such as workplace safety and intense pressure on time management productivity. KALMAN's robotic solution automates regular safety checks and quality monitoring processes at construction sites.

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By living our four values, we live by example in how we do business and develop products.


We vigorously work to earn and keep customer trust. We strive to understand unique problems each customer faces and deliver customized robotic solutions from product development to implementation. Customer satisfaction is the core value of our business.

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We constantly strive for technology innovation. We are curious about exploring new possibilities and always seek to improve. We partner with affiliated research institutes and leading robotics engineering universities in Korea on engaging collaborative research projects.


We always take a sustainable approach to product development and business. We focus on minimizing wastes and environmental pollution throughout the product development and implementation cycle. Our robots enable energy power plants and industrial facilities to achieve carbon neutrality.

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Our mission is to automate dirty, dangerous, and repetitive tasks that humans used to perform. Through intelligent automation, we aim to improve hazardous work environment to be safer and minimize industrial accidents. We envision a better future with enhanced workplace safety.

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